Saturday, August 15, 2015

New Balance Refashioned (3 years later)

Hey there! 

I didn't blog too much lately... actually I didn't do too much last years because I was really focused on my PhD... but that's finished! (jipieyeah!) So I hope I can start sharing more crafting stuff! Let's see...

After defending my PhD in April, JT and me went on holidays to Mallorca, Spain (Where is this?). Amazing place to stay, pretty cheap, good weather, great food, nice people... it was really fun having some days together after so much stress. Four days were enough to disconnect and bring fresh air to my (our) minds. But, I am not here to tell you about our holidays, I am here to share how are my New Balance refashioned after 3 years! Sabrina from mycreativeoutletsd just posted a comment in the original entry, and I thought, you maybe wanna know too! :) 

They are perfect still. Sometimes I have to put some extra glue in the edges, but still super good! And now they are a lot more trendy than before! Check them out! 

(The tiles of the coffee shop were lovely!)

(One of the beautiful doors you can find walking in Palma de Mallorca)

(Here JT New Balance -he didn't let me customize them- and mine traveling together)

(Yes, I was not the happiest woman in the airport, but sometimes it seems that the luggage doesn't wanna come home with us and stay in the airport forever!)

As you can see, they are still perfect, and I use them a lot! If you didn't check how to refashion them, here you have it!

Thanks for passing by!! And try with your sneakers, it will be fun!! 


Friday, February 6, 2015

Coffee project: Day 2

It's Friday
Best friend
PhD almost finished for both of us
 4ºC outside
Good music & Nice people
Nutella crêpe & Great cafe latte


Sunday, February 1, 2015

Easy winter cape

Last fall JT and me were visiting Barcelona and it was really cold. The truth is I cannot handle cold... So we entered in a small store in Barrio Gótico and I bought a cape. Suuuper easy, I wore it over my coat and still was nice! I must say that I loved the cape at first sight, but what I also liked was the ease for doing more like it! 

These days I had some time and I decided to make a new one! Do you wanna join and make yours? :) 
(super easy!! you will see!! I am wearing it over a leather biker from Zara)

What do you need?

- 1,20 m of fabric 
- thread
- 3 m of ribbon for the edges
- Basic sewing materials: scissors, sewing machine, ...

I will use this fabric I bought in Aveiro, Portugal.

How do we start?

Cut a square of 73 cm side in a paper. 

Fold the fabric in two parts, place the paper on the fabric and fix it with pins.

Cut the spare fabric, and with a sewing tailor ruler, select 21 cm and draw a line to cut the collar.

Leave 1cm and cut the circle.

With the sewing machine, sew the sides of the circle (those will be the shoulders of the cape), and now we keep this apart and go to cut the collar.

For the collar, cut a rectangle of 78 cm x 33 cm. Fold it (outside of the fabric to the inside).

Sew it around except one of the longest parts and then turn it over. 

Stich around the collar to further sew with the sewing machine.

Now it is the moment to add the collar to the cape. The collar will be longer than the perimeter of the collar cape, but this is for having the collar fold. To do this, face the collar (both sides are the same so it doesn't matter which one) with the outside of the cape but from the inside.

And sew the 3 layers together with the sewing machine (double collar and cape).

Finish the seames with a zig-zag and the cape will be almost finished!

Now it is time to sew the ribbon to the end of the cape. Because the fabric I have chosen is wool, I selected wool ribbon, but it could be other one.

This must be fold in half and sew to the fabric directly.

And... that's all!! :) Cape finished!!

And probably, the coolest thing about this cape, is that it will be a present for my best friend Maria! and she doesn't expect it!! 

Thanks for reading... sweet!!

Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Friday, April 6, 2012

New Balance Refashioned

(Sorry for my English)
Several months ago I bought a pair of grey New Balance for 30€ (Normal price is about 80-90€), very comfy but I didn't like they very much really. They were living in my wardrobe for a long time, but this week I am on holidays again, so I decided to do something with them. I went to my favourite fabric store (Tejidos Lua) and asked for a flowery fabric. This is what I bought, the fabric and my sneaker,

All things you will need for this diy are: Some fabric (30cm is enough, I have chosen 100% cotton), pattern paper, pencil, scissors and glue for leather & fabric.

First, you have to wrap your sneaker with the paper and mark up the body for the fabric. Then, cut it out. In my case, I selected all the sneaker except the "N" and suede parts.

It's easier mark up the pattern in two steps, first one side and then the other. When you have cut both out, place them in the sneaker to evaluate the pattern and join the two parts.

The sneaker is not symmetric, so when you mark the pattern in the fabric, be careful, do it well ;)

I have tried to sew the fabric to the sneaker and to do some backstitches to the fabric but I didn't like any of them. Finally, I decided to glue it to the leather and I think it was the best option. This fabric doesn't unpick easily and the glue contributes to it.

When you have your fabric cut, place it in the sneaker, and then  you can glue them. I used Supergen-glue which dries very quick and the result is inmediate.

Once you have all the fabric glued, take a look to the edges and stick them well with glue to prevent the fabric from getting frayed.

And... that's all! :)
The result is... before and after...

And both!

Thank you very much for your attention! :)