Wednesday, January 4, 2012

(Easy) Lace Shirt

(First of all... sorry for my English...)
I'm on holidays and this means a lot of free time to sew...

I'm going to show you how to sew one lace shirt without pattern. Only thing you need is a shirt you love made of some elastic fabric. You have to notice that the lace fabric you will need has to be elastic too!
I bought the model shirt on Zara last year (It was very cheap... under 10€!) and I love it...
So... Let's go!

What you need is:
   Model shirt
   Lace fabric (lenght = hip + 10cm (for seames))
   Pins, needle, black and white thread, scissors and a sewing machine.

First, you have to fold de fabric like this,

The fabric I have chosen (12€/m) was this, (I bought 50cm: 1,50cmx0,50cm)

Once you have your fabric folded, place the shirt (folded too) on it and fasten the shirt and the fabric together with the pins, (because of the flowers, we can't see the pins in the picture),

We didn't need to paint a line to cut out the fabric because we will do it 2cm separated from the shirt. 
You can modify the long of the shirt, in my case it was about 2cm longer than the model (2 long + 2 for the seames). And the result will be this...

First, I cut out the neck like the back of the shirt for the two pieces, secondly, you have to separate the pices and cut out one of them some centimeters more than the previous (for me was about 3cm), it depends on the shirt you have chosen. 

Once you have finished this step, baste the two parts,

It looks like very big!! but it's because of the seames ;)
Now, time for the sewing machine!!

When you finish this, you will need to mark the line where you have sewn, I did it with pins (you can paint or whatever...), and then cut 0,5 cm away from the pins.

The neck is very important, you can modify the neckline in your new shirt but the way to sew it is the same. Because of the fabric is elastic, it's better to zigzag the borders to mantain the elasticity. So, we use pins to select the neckline, then we baste it and finally we zigzag it with the sewing machine! For the sleeves we will do the same.

And... that's all!!  The result is...

Or... this!

Thank you very much for your attention!! :)

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