Thursday, January 12, 2012

A woodcutter shirt transformation

(Sorry for my English)
Last Sunday I went to Noia, a small town in the North of Spain. Every sunday the village is plenty of people, there is a market in the streets and all shops are open. One of the traders is an old gipsy woman who sells fabrics and clothes. I don't like very much the clothes (most of them are for old people) but the fabrics are good an cheap! This Sunday the woman didn't have any interesting fabric but I met a young man who sold woodcutter shirts. "One 3€, Two 5€"... It's a very good deal! So I bought a pair of them. One to transform into a dress and the other... I don't know yet!

This photo was taken this summer in Noia,

So, I'm going to show you how I did to transform the very big shirt into a slim shirt.

This is what I bought,

I pinned the fabric to get the shirt tight to my arms, chest, waist and hip, (you have to realize that you will need about 1 or 2 cm for seames!) and then I basted the front and the back of the shirt.  It looks like this,

After sewing the two parts with the sewing machine, we can cut out the spare fabric.

Considering this part of the shirt, we can copy the shape to cut and sew to the other side, and...
that's all!!

The result is this...

Thanks for reading!!

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