Sunday, March 18, 2012

Basic skirt pattern

(Sorry for my English...)
Today, I'm going to show (really... try to do that) you how to do your own skirt pattern. 
The things you'll need are one tape measure, paper for patterns, pencil, scissors and a ruler.
It would be better if you get somebody to take your measures because is easier than doing it on your own, but don't worry if you are alone.  :)
You only need to know the lenght of your waist and hip and the long of the skirt you want to create. 

First of all, you have to draw a square. The longest part will be the skirt long, and the shortest will be the lenght of your hip divided by 4. (For example, if you want your skirt about 50cm and your hip is 100cm, one side of the square will be 50cm and the other 100/4=25cm). Then, we have to measure 14cm from the top and trace an horizontal dotted line (it will be the hip line).

Now, it's time to draw the waist. We have to divide the lenght of the waist by 4 (as we did before with the hip) and then we have to add up 3 (cm) to this result. (For example, if our waist is about 70 cm, we have to 70/4=17,5cm, and then we have to do 17,5+3=20,5cm). This is what we need to mark the waist in pattern. Once we have drawed this, we'll join this point with the end of the dotted line. 

Up to now, the front and the back of the skirt was the same, so we have to do all these steps twice to get the two patterns. 
The difference between the front and the back are the darts. The back dart is from the top of the pattern to the hip line, and the front dart is from the top to 4cm before the hip line. The width of both is the same, 3cm in total (1,5cm for one side and 1,5cm for the other). So, you have to measure the middle of the waist (in our example was 20,5cm/2 = 10,25cm, measure it from left to right on the top of the pattern) and draw a vertical line from the top to the hip line. On the top you'll mark 1,5cm to the left and 1,5cm to the right, and then join these points to the hip line as we can see in the next picture.  For the front is the same, but before, you have to draw an horizontal dotted line 4cm away from the first, and do the same but considering this new line your hip line. 

Ok, that's all!... The pattern is finished!!
Take your scissors and cut out your pattern! You'll have something like this! ;)

Thanks for reading!!

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