Thursday, January 5, 2012

My sofa Semicover

My boyfriend and me live in a cute flat in the center of Santiago de Compostela (Spain). It's a 7th floor and has a magnificent terrace. When we entered the flat, the owner bought us a beautiful cream-colored leather couch, small but comfortable. But it gets dirty very quick so I decided to sew a cover for it. 

A couple of weeks ago, we went to Betanzos (small town in the north of Spain) and bought a fabric to upholster in red and orange colors. I didn't know how many fabric I needed but I got about 4m. When I started to do the patterns for the couch I realized that the fabric was not enough... so I have to change the design of the sofa cover... Now is a sofa "semicover" ;)(In spite of this, I like very much the result! and it is very functional!!)

All you need to do this couch semicover is:
   Pattern paper
   Sewing machine

First, you have to decide the design of the cover. In my case, I can't sew the cover to the sofa, so all my pieces have to be sewed together or fitted to the couch structure. 

So, I took the paper and pasted it to the couch using tape. (If your couch is made of fabric use the pins). Mark up the pattern for each part of the sofa. If your couch is symmetric, you only have to do the half of them ;) 

Once you have all patterns (in my couch only 3), place them on the folded fabric and pin it. (Pay attention to the way of the fabric is folded because if you use a printed one, the print must be orientated). You have to cut out the fabric 4cm apart from the pattern limit for the seames.

Once you have all your pieces, sew the symmetric parts together and all the edges and then, place them on the couch. You will need (or not) to sew the cover to your couch or to fix it with rubber band to avoid the cover slips when you sit down. I used rubber band from one side to the other to hold the upper part. For example, in the next picture you can see that the upper part was too loose.

The thing I did with the armrest was the same when you pack a present, but you can use a cord and do  some kind or ruffles to adjust them. 

And... This is my new "semicover"...

Thanks for reading!

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