Sunday, February 1, 2015

Easy winter cape

Last fall JT and me were visiting Barcelona and it was really cold. The truth is I cannot handle cold... So we entered in a small store in Barrio Gótico and I bought a cape. Suuuper easy, I wore it over my coat and still was nice! I must say that I loved the cape at first sight, but what I also liked was the ease for doing more like it! 

These days I had some time and I decided to make a new one! Do you wanna join and make yours? :) 
(super easy!! you will see!! I am wearing it over a leather biker from Zara)

What do you need?

- 1,20 m of fabric 
- thread
- 3 m of ribbon for the edges
- Basic sewing materials: scissors, sewing machine, ...

I will use this fabric I bought in Aveiro, Portugal.

How do we start?

Cut a square of 73 cm side in a paper. 

Fold the fabric in two parts, place the paper on the fabric and fix it with pins.

Cut the spare fabric, and with a sewing tailor ruler, select 21 cm and draw a line to cut the collar.

Leave 1cm and cut the circle.

With the sewing machine, sew the sides of the circle (those will be the shoulders of the cape), and now we keep this apart and go to cut the collar.

For the collar, cut a rectangle of 78 cm x 33 cm. Fold it (outside of the fabric to the inside).

Sew it around except one of the longest parts and then turn it over. 

Stich around the collar to further sew with the sewing machine.

Now it is the moment to add the collar to the cape. The collar will be longer than the perimeter of the collar cape, but this is for having the collar fold. To do this, face the collar (both sides are the same so it doesn't matter which one) with the outside of the cape but from the inside.

And sew the 3 layers together with the sewing machine (double collar and cape).

Finish the seames with a zig-zag and the cape will be almost finished!

Now it is time to sew the ribbon to the end of the cape. Because the fabric I have chosen is wool, I selected wool ribbon, but it could be other one.

This must be fold in half and sew to the fabric directly.

And... that's all!! :) Cape finished!!

And probably, the coolest thing about this cape, is that it will be a present for my best friend Maria! and she doesn't expect it!! 

Thanks for reading... sweet!!


  1. It's beautiful! Only it looks exactly as the Balicam from La lio, she organised a sew along only before Christmas. I'm amazed to see the coincidences. I guess it's an easy garment.


    1. Thanks!! :) I didn't know about the Balicam from La Lio! Just checked it out now! But indeed, super easy!! Thanks for passing by!